Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm back!

We finally joined the land of the living and got our internet access up and running again.  We had planned on just forgoing it during the summer -- the plan was to encourage us to do things outside... or basically, do anything but sitting with the laptop on our laps or wasting hours in front of Netflix.

Yeah, that didn't really work out.  With moving into the new house and being busy, we didn't really do anything this summer.  Well, it feels like we were busy, but we didn't really do much worth mentioning.  Frank went camping with friends a couple times.  Lenon spent a week (or so) with his mother and her family in Rapid City in June.  And Ezra ran through the sprinkler a few dozen times in the back yard.  I mostly read during my spare time.  

Sounds like a hoot, huh?  We didn't even spend time at the pool because it was so dang hot this summer.  

I feel like we are finally getting into our schedules since school started for Lenon.  He walks himself to and from school, which is really nice.  His middle school doesn't start until 9 am so we are gone by the time he has to walk to school.  We were nervous about that... but he's done really well with it.  He hasn't been late and remembers to lock the doors when he leaves.  He's done with school at 3:45 pm and gets home around the time Ezra and I are getting home.

Ezra is now almost completely potty trained.  There are still a few accidents and he still sleeps in a diaper, but most mornings it's dry.  He has moved to the "Robins" room at daycare - one of the 3 year old rooms.  His good friend Olive is going to be in the Robins room starting next week and he's pretty excited about it.  They're going on a field trip next week on a bus, which he's really excited about.  I can't believe that the teachers are willing to take a dozen 3 year olds to pick out pumpkins and out for pizza after.  I'm going to go along... the teachers said parents are more than welcome to come. :)

This weekend I'm going to get started on Ezra's Halloween costume.  He's waffled between wanting to be a hero, a tiger, and a spider... but he's pretty sure he wants to be a spider now.  I'll be posting pictures when I'm done with it.  I have big plans...  Which reminds me that I never posted the details of his Woody costume from last year.  He still wears the hat and vest around the house sometimes.

Before this becomes a ridiculously long post, I'm going to sign off.  But be looking for updates in the near future.  I've been doing some thrifting and I've made a handful of things in the last few months that I'll be sharing.