Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crib sheets

I found this wonderful tutorial for making crib sheets on Made a few months ago when I first started my blog obsession.  It seemed so easy.  So I went searching for the right fabric to give it a try... and I found these at a thrift store:

That's right - a set of sheets.  Adorable sheets.  But also, sheets for a twin bed - only a fitted and a flat.  No pillow case, which sort of bummed me out, but whatever.

Cute little fish and an octopus

Target organic cotton sheets (Ooo! Fancy!)

So I bought them.  For $2.99.  It was a super bargain.  I brought them home and sliced the whole fitted edge off the fitted sheet with my slick little rotary cutter and started cutting to the specifics of the patters.  Then I sewed up the corners and the edges all around, fed the elastic through and sewed it closed.

And lickety split, I was done.


And there it is.  Isn't it fabulous?  And that was only the sheet I made from the fitted sheet.  I still have the whole flat sheet left.  And hopefully with a little better organization with my cuts I'll be able to make a pillow case for one of those flat little travel pillows.  And the wonderful thing about this is that a toddler bed uses a crib mattress so Ez will be able to enjoy his "feesh" sheets even longer.


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