Monday, October 24, 2011

Meeting Plex

One recent Sunday we decided to head to Toys 'R Us for their grand reopening.  We usually don't frequent that store because it's so much more expensive than going to Target.  But we decided to make an exception because a character from Ezra's favorite TV show was going to be there... PLEX from Yo Gabba Gabba!

Ez was very excited to go and wanted me to take his picture outside.  Seriously.  As soon as he sees a camera now he's like "CHEESE!" and makes a funny smile face.  It's adorable.


He looks so big wearing a hat.  It's actually an adult sized hat - but we had to make it as small as we could so it would fit him.

Anyway... so we head to Toys 'R Us and wander the aisles.  And there he is.  Plex.  In all his glory.  And of course, Ezra was terrified.  Granted, the Plex he sees on the TV is like 8 inches tall.  This Plex stands over 6 feet tall.

This was the best picture we could get:

Frank tried to get closer, but when he did, Ez would try to climb up him and scramble away.  So this is the shot we got.  It's better than nothing and it proves that we were there.  Maybe it's a good thing that we didn't go to Yo Gabba Gabba Live this year.  He probably would have freaked out.


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