Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rockin' Valentines

Lenon is in 5th grade this year; it's the end of his elementary career and probably the end of exchanging Valentines with the whole class.  We decided to do something more fun this year.  I found the idea for Pop Rocks Valentines on someone's blog somewhere.  No idea where, so I can't even give credit where credit is due.

buy the Pop Rocks here 

I got the Pop Rocks on Amazon... big surprise.  They were a little expensive.  But since this is the last year he'll be doing them, I thought it would be okay to have really cool ones.  I made a little couple different labels using Power Point and printed them off.  And the foam stickers came from Target's dollar spot.  

I made the messages pretty generic.  No "lovey-dovey" stuff for Lenon.

Lenon nixed my idea of coloring in the guitars.  He thought it was dorky.  I colored in my samples... and I thought they looked cool.  But whatever.  It's his deal.  So we stuck the labels to the Pop Rocks using the little foam stickers and viola.  Done!  We decided not to write everyone's name on them, simply for ease of handing them out.  

He's pretty pumped about them.  And they do look cool. 

What do you think?


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  1. I LOVE these! Way cooler than store-bought pre-made cards. Will keep this in mind for next year (I was not creative enough nor did I have time to be creative this year).

    I wandered over here from Raising Colorado. I like your blog -- fresh, colorful, helpful content! Will be back!