Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Fabric Barrel

One of the other things we did while I was visiting the West Coast was go to Solvang to the Fabric Barrel.  I read about it first on Homemade by Jill and knew it was a "must stop" place this time.

It's unlike any store I've ever been in.  It's a couple different rooms with an outside walkway between them.  There are rolls upon rolls of fabric.  I kid you not.  I should have taken pictures but I was so overwhelmed I didn't even think about it.  There were knits and sheers and cotton blends.  It was amazing.  They have cutting tables set up with measuring tapes and scissors.  You cut your own fabric and then bring it up the sidewalk and into the cafe they own and pay for it there.  Oh and did I mention that all the fabric is 99¢ a yard?  Yes.  It's true.  ALL of it.

They also have thousands of zippers.  You know those giant Rubbermaid totes?  Yep, there were 9 of them full to the top with zippers of all colors.  And all the zippers were 5¢ a piece.  Five cents.  That is not a type-o.

photo from Homemade by Jill

Inwardly the .99¢ sign bothers me.  It means less than a penny per yard.  Clearly that's not how much it really is.  It's something that has bothered me since my 8th grade algebra class with Mr. Rizzuti.  He brought it up as a pet peeve and ever since I've noticed whenever anyone does it.   Even some of the grocery stores in town do it.  I've always wanted to call them out on it but never have.  My luck I'd have to explain the whole thing and they still wouldn't get it.

Anyway, back to the fabric.

I knew I had a limited amount of room in my suitcase so I was a little particular with my choices.  I did end up with 18 yards of fabric... and 63 zippers.  Roughly.  I've counted them twice and keep coming up with a different number, first I got 60 and then 62.  Whatever.  They charged me for 63 at 5¢ a piece but it's not like 15¢ will break me.

Aren't they pretty?

I think most of them are like 9" long, which will be perfect if I decide I want to make some little zippered bags for makeup and other whatnot.  And I'm sure I can find some sort of project to use all these delightful zippers on.  I should have gotten more.  They were such a good deal!

I got 2 checked and 2 plaids.  

And 3 assorted dotty patterns.

And 2 funky florals.

I can hardly wait to get started on a project.  I just need to decide what to make.


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  1. ACK!!! the 0.99 cents thing drives me BONKERS. even driving me more bonkers is that if you tried to explain it them, they'd never get it. but rest assured, i get it.