Friday, March 9, 2012

Favorite Things Friday: Target

Anyone who knows me knows I love Target.  It's my favorite store on the whole earth.  Sioux Falls has 2 now (which is so exciting!) one on each side of town.  The new one opened in October 2010 (sad that I remember that) and is so convenient and wonderful.

There are so many reasons why I love Target... and here are my top 5.

The DIAPERS!  As the mother of a 2.75 year old who has ZERO interest in potty training, I love cheap diapers.  These are leaps and bounds better than any other "store brand" diaper I've found.  

When Ez was just a little 8 pound infant we used the Huggies with the pee strip thing on them that told us when he was wet.  That is the most brilliant thing ever.  We went through SO many diapers.  They sure pulled us into their money trap.  The second those strips turned blue we were changing the dang things.  Then we decided that we'd rather send our kids to college than spend this kind of money on "name brand" diapers.  

We started trying cheaper brands: Luvs, Parents Choice (Walmart), and Target's up & up brand.  The Luvs smelled funny.  Powdery or something.  And they felt like they were going to burst at any moment.  The Walmart ones were really rough and didn't have a gathered back so blow outs squished right out the back of them.  Gross.  The Target ones were wonderful.  Not just because the other ones were terrible.  They were great.  It's no surprise to anyone that I also love polka dots and these diapers have blue and green polka dots all over them!  We've bought so many packages of these diapers.  I've even made storage boxes out of them by cutting the tops off and covering them with contact paper.  (I'll post that sometime.)  Anyway, they're wonderful and I love them.  Yay, Target!

Paper towels.  Toilet Paper.  Napkins.  We buy Target up & up brand for all of these items.  They're just as good as the name brand and way cheaper.  The paper towels we like are the ones that are about 6" wide and you get to pick how many you use depending on your spill size.  All the brands have their own name for this type of paper towel.  Bounty is Select a Size.  Target is Make a Size.  Somewhere else has Sized for Spills.  Frank couldn't remember what they were called and called them Select a Spill, which I thought was hilarious.  

Zip top bags in all sizes.  We go through tons of these bags.  It's not very green of us.  But we've been trying to save money as much as possible so we've been taking lunches to work and snacks in the car.  These are the best "non-Ziploc" brand we've found.  And they're considerably cheaper, too.

These carts!  They are so smooth and easy to push.  They don't give us shocks like the metal ones from Walmart.  They even make a fun clunking sound when they're pushed together for storage.  (I have a weird thing for sounds.)  You can fit SO much stuff in them too!  Wait, maybe that isn't such a good thing.

The Starbucks inside the Target.  Coffee + Shopping = Win.  That is all.

Do you have a favorite Target product?  Or a favorite store I should know about?


This post was not sponsored by Target.  I'm simply expressing my love for it.

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