Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Ezra-isms

My child is just like his dad.  A talker.  When he's playing he whispers to himself.  In the car he's singing and talking.  At the dinner table.  At the store.  In his bed when he's supposed to be sleeping.  This kid talks.  All.  The.  Time.

Here are a few of the words he says:

  • "feud"
    • This means food.  He always wants more "feud."
  • "pick-ups"
    • This means hiccups.  He thought he needed medicine to fix them.
  • "too cute/too funny/too much"
    • He actually means "so cute/so funny/so much."  i.e.: "I love you too much, Dada"
  • "I no like dis"
    • Yes.  This one is pretty self explanatory - "I don't like this" - We've been hearing a lot of this one lately.  He's decided to be picky with food, toys, books, movies, you name it.
  • "Kawa"
    • My name.  He recently realized that I had a name besides "Mama" and he likes to use it.  He pronounces it just like I did - where the "R" sound is replaced with the "W" sound.
He is so funny.  He's developing opinions about everything and finally really seeing everything around him.  Frank took him with on a grocery shopping trip and he wanted EVERYTHING.  We used to be able to push him around and he'd just be oblivious and sit there with his slice of cheese from the deli and his red sucker from the meat counter.

He's totally obsessed with red.  He wants to wear his single pair of red pants everyday.  He only wants red suckers.  He has been sleeping with his red blow up guitar.  He has a red and white striped shirt with a guitar on it and wants to wear it every time he sees it.  I'm sure it stems from Murray the red Wiggle.  Murray has been his favorite Wiggle since he started watching them.

He recently got his hair cut and looks so much older.  He was such a good boy and sat totally still.  The stylist even said he was the best 2-year-old she'd ever had.  I think he was terrified.  But he was rewarded with a red sucker - so all was right with the world.


What a cute boy I have.

Don't you think?



  1. He is precious! I have a four-year-old who still hasn't stopped talking and I love the cute little things they say! Sean says, "Awkward" all the time even though he doesn't know what it means, but it's so funny when it fits the situation!!

    Katie- Hems For Her

  2. I read this post and actually said, "AWW!" out loud at work! He is such a cutie. And I'm totally shocked that he's a big talker - HA!