Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thrifty Finds #2

I've spent my fair share of time in thrift stores in the last few months with little success.  Sure, I'd find a few things that were adequate but nothing fabulous.  I was getting disappointed.  Then last Saturday after I worked 5 hours of overtime at work I decided to hit a couple that I can only visit on weekends because they close by 5pm during the week.

I first stopped into the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  It was surprisingly busy in there.  One of my usual stops in any thrift store are the books... but sadly I couldn't find anything.  I also looked for some vintage dessert plates for Holly's wedding but they didn't have any that were attractive.  But I did end up with a couple gems!  Then I went to the Volunteers of America Thrift Store and found tons of stuff!  It was packed to the gills with goodies.

Little Tikes van = $1.49
2 yards of Sesame Street fleece = $1.49
Glass Pyrex pie plate = $1.49
Scrabble = $2.49
Glass footed bowl = $1.00
6 assorted dessert plates = 50¢ each

This idea came this blog I found recently.  She has a cute glass dish that she stores her earrings in and her name is Kara, too.  My favorite earrings hang on the outside for easy access and others (like hoops) are inside.  It's genius.  Plus it's pretty.

Set of 3 stacking cooling racks = $3.00
Tupperware sandwich keeper = 50¢
Neat mug = 50¢

I went to a Pampered Chef party a few months ago and contemplated buying these, but at $15 a pop I decided not to.  Boy am I glad I didn't buy those suckers.  Same goes for the Tupperware sandwich keeper.  Did you know they're $15 for a set of 2?  That's crazy.  I found that baby for 50¢!  

The mug is so cute.  And it must be old because the bottom has the brand "Waechtersbach" and "W Germany" on the bottom.  I plan on taking it to work for a little something pretty on my desk.

Total spent:  $15.00

Have you found any gems lately?


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