Friday, April 6, 2012

Favorite Things Friday: Magazines

People say they love magazines.  They may be telling the truth.  But when I say I love magazines, you better believe it.  Anyone who has been to my house has seen my piles of magazines.  Literally.  Piles of magazines.  I subscribe to 8: Parents, Do It Yourself, Family Circle, Woman's Day, Better Homes and Gardens, Lucky, Self, and Good Housekeeping.  

I'm obsessed.  I would subscribe to People but it's too expensive.  I know if I were to buy it each week it would be WAY more expensive than if I were to subscribe.  But the initial $129 or whatever seems crazy for a magazine.

It may seem lame, but I love Family Circle.

It has great recipes, fun activities, parenting advice, and decorating tips.  It might seem like an old lady magazine, but I love it.  

I also totally adore Parents.

I love this one.  They have birthday party ideas, parenting tips, beauty tips for busy moms, and real recipes that kids will actually eat.  Fantastic.

Holly gave me DIY for Christmas.  I love all of Better Homes and Garden's Special Interest Publications.  This one is especially wonderful.  

They have great ideas that I could actually do myself.  For real.  Not like those shows on HGTV where you'd need to have a table saw and a drill press and all sorts of other tools.  There are painting projects and sewing projects.  It's wonderful.  

Ahh, Good Housekeeping.  I love you.  Again... it's sort of an old lady magazine, but I love it.

My favorite part of this magazine are the product reviews.  They're wonderful.  Anything from frozen french fries to bed sheets.  And it's surprising sometimes which company comes out on top.

Do you have a favorite magazine?  Should I subscribe?


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