Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fun Times at the Park

Last Saturday it was beautiful outside.  Warm enough with a slight breeze.  We've been so anxious to get outside and enjoy ourselves.  Sioux Falls has tons of great parks.  Some with playgrounds, some without. There are two near our house and Cherry Rock Park was our choice on Saturday.

Of the 4 slides, Ez chose one and went down it a dozen times.  Each of the other slides were only used once.  It's funny how he'll be so deliberate in his actions.  

He spent like 2.2 seconds on this bouncing bird.  
But allowed me to snap a quick picture during his brief ride.

He ran and jumped and squealed and ran some more.  
He has gotten so independent and wants to do everything himself lately.    

He even wanted to ride on the "big boy" swings.  But not too high.

I'm really looking forward to a nice Spring.


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