Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Busy Tray

I've found hundreds of things on Pinterest that I'm dying to try.  I have a whole board dedicated to creative things to do with kids and this was one of them.  The idea comes from In Between Laundry and I think it's brilliant.  She used an old cookie sheet as a magnet board.  What a great idea!

I had Frank get a cookie sheet at Dollar Tree for... you guessed it, $1.  It's a little one.  Only 9 x 13 but it's big enough.  Then I found some magnetic letters at ShopKo for $1.49.  

Clearly Ez was delighted.  And all for $2.49.  He played with it for a good half hour.  

His daycare has been teaching the kids the first letters of their names.  He points out "O" for Olive, "A" for Alex and "S" for Saul as well as his favorite... the "E" for Ezra!

I also plan on making some magnets for this tray, too.  I've seen people use sheets and decorate them and cut them out.  Ashley of Make It and Love It made some paper dolls for her daughter and a cute little cover for her tray.  And she had a great idea about a pirate scene or maybe I could make dinosaurs.  Or perhaps The Wiggles since Ez is so crazy about them.  

He told me that "E" was first... I placed the "Z" and the "R" and on his own he added the "A".  

My child is a genius.  For reals.


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