Friday, January 20, 2012

Favorite Things Friday: Ezra's Favorite Toys

This week Ezra is featuring his favorite toys.  Some that aren't loud and obnoxious and are (sorta) educational.

In First Place  The current favorite is his kitchen.  He loves it.  I meant to give him one for his second birthday but couldn't find the night stands I planned to use to make this one:

Isn't it cute?  I wanted to make him one just like this, but after months (literally) of looking on Craigslist and at thrift stores and garage sales I couldn't find any unwanted furniture that would work.  I was really disappointed.  But one afternoon while trolling Craigslist I came across this one:

I snatched it up.  It was $42.  Yes, $42.  Not sure why she wanted that amount, but whatever.  She probably thought someone would offer her $40, but I didn't care.  Let her have the extra $2 and buy herself a pack of gum.  I spray painted the handles of the fridge, oven, and cabinet, and the knobs for the stove black.  The sink and faucet got a coat of silver.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get the X shaped burners off.  They're pretty tightly attached.  Once it gets nice out I'll tape them off and give them a shot of spray paint, too.  He's over the moon about this kitchen, constantly cooking us things.  Yesterday Frank got a sandwich made of lettuce and a top of a hamburger bun and I got one slice of bacon and 2 fries.  That kid knows what Mama likes.

First Runner Up  His Toy Story pals.  These guys were a gift from Grandma and Grandpa.  Ever since he saw the movie several months ago, his favorite thing is Woody.  
He now has 4 plastic Woody toys in various sizes.  And usually at least 2 of them end up sleeping with him at night.  He also has a plush Woody that used to be Lenon's.  I'm glad he prefers Woody to Buzz. I've always had a preference for Woody, too.

Second Runner Up  Mega Bloks.  

He loves these things, but sometimes I think he likes them just for the noise they make when they pour out of the bags.  His favorite thing is to stack up the single blocks into a tower that is taller than him and then knock it over.  We play with these blocks all the time.  It was the one thing he asked Santa for this year.  They wrote a letter to Santa at daycare and then drew a picture of what they wanted.  I really wanted to keep it, because he made a bunch of shapes in the bottom of the picture that were supposed to be blocks.  But in the transport to our home the letter got ripped in half and stepped on with a wet shoe.  :(  Oh well, there's always next year.

These are his current favorites, aside from Greg, of course.  

What are your kids' favorite toys?


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