Monday, January 9, 2012

Thrifty Finds - #1

I have an unabashed love for thrift stores.  Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army... I'm not particular.  I love them all.  I love them so much, it's sort of become a joke.  Whenever I'm given an opportunity to do anything sans children I end up at a thrift store.  They're just too hard to maneuver with a cart and a child in it.  I've decided to start documenting my finds because some of them are gems.

These jammies are a 4T and will be perfect for Ezra next summer.  They have the Mr. Men guy Mr. Strong on them.  I've been a huge fan of the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters since I was little.  They were only $1.50.  The shoes are both almost brand new.  They must have come from the same person because both pairs are sized in European sizes.

Both pairs have hardly been worn.  There is almost not scuffing on the bottoms.  It's amazing.  The left pair is Pediped brand -- which I had never heard of.  But I did a little research online and found a similar pair for $49.  These were $2.00.  No joke.  The pair on the right are Umi  - also a brand I had never heard of.  A similar pair are $73.  Once again, these were $2.00.

These gems I found for Ezra's play kitchen that he got for Christmas.  The mini-muffin tin was $0.50 and is in great shape.  It's about 9 inches on the long side and 5 inches on the short side so it's the perfect size for his oven.  The silver bowl is about 4 inches across and he loves to stir things in it using his plastic whisk.  It was $1.00.  The cups are Tupperware cups that are in perfect shape.  They are used to serve us "juice" or "coffee" or if he's feeling generous, he lets us have "milk" out of them.  He's very protective of his milk... it's his favorite.  Each cup was $0.15.  I found a similar set of cups on Etsy for $15 for 4 cups.

Total spent: $7.60

I think that's a win.


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