Friday, January 27, 2012

Favorite Things Friday: Comedies

Frank and I love movies.  Not necessarily going to the theater (which we haven't done in almost a year) but watching movies at home... mostly our own that we watch over and over.  We don't have a huge collection.  A hundred or so probably.  But half of them belong to the children.  Ezra has 5 Wiggles DVD's alone.

We have a few favorites that we quote regularly.  They never seem to get old.

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I first watched this movie after Frank had already seen it.  I remember looking over at him and he had a smile plastered on, and I thought, "He seriously thinks this is funny?"  But I kept watching.  I felt like I was getting stupider by the second.  It was anti-climactic and dumb.  I do admit I laughed a few times.  Frank told me to give it a day.  So I did.  The next day I cracked up at work a half dozen times thinking about it.  And that was that.  I wanted to watch it again... and this time I was the one with the stupid grin on my face.

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This one has mixed reviews from other people, but Frank and I both loved it.  Quirky characters and a fairly believable story really made this movie work.  Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman, Vincent D'Onofrio and Jon Favreau all played great characters.  The family dinner party was the best and most awkward scene in the movie.  There's a certain phrase Frank and I recite to each other from that part every time we hear the song it goes along with.  It's not a fairy tale, and perhaps that's why people didn't love it.  But those people must be dumb.

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Jason Segal cracks me up.  He's a grossly underrated actor.  He has a great poker face and can play awkward situations well.  We also both love Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell.  And Russell Brand plays a really flighty pop star and does it flawlessly.  It's crude, for sure.  But funny.  When we're in the mood for something sort of "mindless" we pop this one in.

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Another movie with Vince Vaughn.  I admit... I have a crush.  While a VERY crude movie, Wedding Crashers is also really funny.  It wouldn't win any awards.  It's not a cinematic masterpiece.  But it's funny and the jokes are well written.  Plus, Bradley Cooper makes an appearance, so that's helpful, too.

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If you haven't seen The Hangover stop reading this and go out and buy it right now.  Don't rent it and waste the $3... because you'll wish you would have put that $3 toward buying it.  Everyone talks about how wonderful it is, and that's because it is wonderful.  The premise is cliche, for sure.  But the way they have it play out is brilliant.  Trust me.

What are your favorite movies?


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