Friday, January 13, 2012

Favorite Things Friday: Hair Products

My hair and I have a love/hate relationship.  It's either cooperating and looks smashing, or it just plain pisses me off.  If you ask Frank, I've probably spent $1000 on hair products.  I try almost EVERY curly hair product I can find, hoping it's "the one" and I've thrown away SO many bottles of product that have been used 2-3 times before I've decided it's not "the one."

Let me introduce you to the few that have made the cut...

This is my favorite gel type curly hair product so far.  It's a creamy gel - more gel-like (totally not a word) than conditioner but not clear and sticky like gel.  I got it at Regis after I got my hair cut once.  But you can find it here for about $12.  I only use like a marble sized blob of it and my hair doesn't get all crackly and crunchy like it does with some other gels.

This is the best hairspray I've ever known.  TRESemme Tres Two.  She and I are BFF's.  I've used this kind exclusively for about 5 years.  I even have a baby can of it at work for extra static-y days.  Once again, no crunch and because it's aerosol it doesn't get those dumb bubbles like the pump ones.  And it's only like $3.99.

When I want straight hair I use these: Rusk Str8 and Regis Designline Get It Pressed (which I think can only be bought in salons).  I use a dime size blob of the Str8 for my whole head.  I made the mistake when I first got it to use a quarter size blob and ended up getting back in the shower to wash it out.  It definitely tames frizz and helps make it easier to straighten.  The Get It Pressed spray I mist over my whole head.  It acts as a detangler and flat iron spray and smells lovely.

Then I straighten with a little Remington flat iron I got at Target for $13 like 5 years ago on clearance.

I've also started experimenting with dry shampoo.  But I haven't found one that I love.  If I shampoo every day my ends get really brittle and dry so I'm an every-other-day shampooer.  (Go ahead and groan and call me a dirtball if you must.)  So sometimes the 2nd day I just need a little boost.  I've tried the TRESemme one and then blasted my hair with a hair dryer and that seems to work okay, but I don't love it.

So that about does it.  Those are the winners in my bathroom cabinet (along side about 6 rejects that I haven't thrown away yet).

What are your favorite hair products?


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