Friday, January 11, 2013

Favorite Things Friday: My New Nerdy Glasses

Like I mentioned in my Goals for 2013 post, I decided that I needed a new look.  We have great insurance and every year I get new glasses...  I got my rimless glasses shortly after Ezra was born.  Then I got sunglasses the year after that, and a pair of cute (but terribly uncomfortable) purple frames the year after that.  I went in and had the purple ones adjusted a couple times, but they just didn't ever feel right.  Sad.  So, during all that time I've just been wearing the rimless ones, since I loved them... but they started falling apart.  The screws were coming loose all the time and I had to get one of those eyeglasses repair kits and fiddle with them a couple times a week so I wouldn't lose that teeny tiny screw.

It was time for new ones... and my vision insurance goes from January 1 through December 31 and was about to expire.  (I'm such a good procrastinator!)

So I went in and found some frames that are the exact opposite of rimless... they have thick plastic frames around the whole thing.  It's taken a little getting used to, but I'm surprised how easily I'm adjusting.

Anyway, here they are!

Do you love them?  I sure do.


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