Friday, January 25, 2013

Favorite Things Friday: Some Blogs I Read

Probably a dozen times a day I start a sentence, "On this blog I read..." or "I read on a blog..."  I say it so much that Frank just smiles and nods, because he's so used to it.  (Or sometimes it's, "I found this idea on Pinterest...")

Anyway, I decided to make a short list of my favorite blogs.  Ones I check and read religiously.  Ones that are so good I'd be really sad if they decided to stop blogging.  So in no particular order, here are my top 4 favorite blogs:

Young House Love is a home improvement blog.  John and Sherry, the adorable couple who write it, are so completely normal.  Plus funny.  They post several times a week and give real, usable information about projects they're doing.  They're so inspiring.  For real.

Raising Colorado is a real life blog.  Zakary, the lovely and hilarious woman who writes it, shares stories about her kids, shares recipes, and other funny things.  I've been known to read entire posts aloud to Frank because she's so funny.

Make It And Love It

Make It and Love It is a crafty blog.  Ashley is a mother of 3, two girls and one boy.  It's so refreshing to have a craft blogger be a mother of a boy.  There are SO many blogs with pictures and patterns and ideas for girls, and significantly less so for boys.  She has amazing ideas and has tutorials on almost everything she makes.  It's a total time suck though... you'll find yourself clicking on tons of links, because you'll be saying, "Ooo!  Look at this idea!"  Trust me.

E Tells Tales is written by Elizabeth.  She's a teacher and a mother and an Etsy phenomenon.  She makes the most beautiful crib bedding I've ever seen.  Her blog is updates of her life as a teacher and mother and a tutorial or two thrown in there.  Her writing style is so easy to read.  I look forward to every post.

I hope you take a few minutes to read a post or two.  They're truly my favorite.

Do you know of any blogs I should read?  If so, please share!


P.S.  I have strep throat and have been struggling to stay awake once I get home from work.  It's really wiping me out.  So that's my excuse for not posting more this week.  I'm in the midst of writing up 4 book reviews, so look for one this weekend.

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